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Almost all of the websites today have recently implemented a new way of “logging in” and “registering.” And nearly all of them use Javascript powered libraries like Colorbox, Lightbox, Thickbox and Highslide. Take for example the beinenu.com site. The “login” and “register” form was implemented using the Drupal Colorbox module. This information might be considered common knowledge to almost all web developers; however, it really is kind of tricky when you implement it.

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The Drupal ‘View’ module is indeed very powerful and if you learn how to work around its capabilities (with the help of other contributed modules), there is no way of telling its limitations. It is commonly known as a "smart query builder tool" that allows you to query the database without creating a hard coded SQL command. You can do just about anything in “views” with regards to generation of reports and creating display units, from simple queries to complicated ones.

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Recently, I was trying to find a simple way to change the default input format of fields to 'Full HTML'.
I created a hook_form_alter() function in my module and for my content type body, I wrote the following:
function MODULENAME_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) {
  switch ($form_id) {
    case 'MYCONTENT_node_form':
      // Set default body field input format to Full HTML
      foreach(element_children($form['body_field']['format']) as $key) {
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